Hi! I am Jaime González García and this is my company.

I started this company because I wanted to have an outlet to channel my creativity and passion for software development, to have complete freedom in my creative pursuits and the chance to experiment with all facets of creating new products. I hope that, by doing this, I will be able to create something of value, something that will enrich people's lives in some measure.

These are the values I want to focus on, cultivate and pursue in all my ventures:

  • craftsmanship, the pride of a job well done, the seeking of technical excellence
  • care for aesthetics, beauty is not vain, it fulfills a purpose, understanding and leveraging aesthetics is paramount to creating engaging experiences
  • people-centric, everything starts and ends with people. Without adding value to a person's life, there's no sense in building anything at all in the first place
  • endless curiosity, childish enthusiasm and wonder
  • fun, because it's gotta be fun :)


quiz4couples bringing couples together

A lot of us are trapped in our routines. With small variations, we wake up, have breakfast, go to work, to the gym, have dinner, watch something, read something, go to bed and replay.

One day Malin (my beautiful girlfriend) and I were sitting in the sofa, enjoying some wine and having a great and meaningful conversation, what we all call quality time. The morning afterwards, I recalled the amazing conversation and time we have had and I wondered, "hmm... why don't we do that more often? Why do we get trapped in the routine, minutes and hours passing before us unappreciated?".

And that is when and why I decided to create quiz4couples, an app to stimulate meaningful conversation and quality time all round:

Looking for an app to have fun with your significant other?

quiz4couples is a quiz game that encourages you and your beloved one to ask fun questions to each other. Learn and discover more about each other as you complete quizzes, advance levels and unlock new fun quizzes on different topics. Personalize your experience and see how well you are doing in your very own couple profile.

Cuddle up and prepare to have a great time with your beloved!

What my customers are saying:

This is so fun. It gives me and my fiance the chance to learn more about each other and to see if we truly know each other as much as we say we do. Please keep new quizzes coming :)
Great way to explore new conversation.
Even after 6 years were still learning about one another cause of apps like these.


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